To Minato OASIS Numazu welcome!沼津 みなと新鮮館That is the entrance of the port of Numazu.


Event News!

2021September 30, 2010 : daidogei 10
10Entertainers, entertainer (planned)
Please note the HP because there is a possibility of discontinuation as corona antivirus.

Entertainers (plans)
When: October24Day(Day)The 31(Day)
The daily 10: 00-16:00
Location: fresh Hotel North deck

Monkey turn (planned)
When: October2Day(soil)-3Day(Day), 9th(soil)-10Day(Day), 16th(soil)-17Day(Day)
The daily 10: 00-16:00
Location: fresh Hotel North deck

2021June 3, 2008 : SPmini-LIVE
Numazu Mitsumi and Fresh Museum "Iida Noritaka" Special Mini Live Airing

That Iida's freshly performed special mini-live that blows away the coronal disaster
- Famous songs that everyone knows"Numazu Mitsumi fresh building"new piece"Shinkai Mystery: Live Tomorrow"
Smoke andNUMAZULive performance with electric signboards
Drum solo and guitar soloMonochrome video effectexpressed in

If you can speak to the information counter,
The latest super final best CD with new songs is being distributed free of charge!
Please come and visit us.
2021May 28, 2010 : podcast numadukkyu
Podcast Internet Radio "Kyunzu-kyun" Fresh Hall compilation

Live radio coverage is being broadcasted on Numazu Mitsu and Fresh Building TV Monitor
- Famous songs that everyone knows"Numazu Mitsumi fresh building"The Song Of Production Secret Story
Lyrics/ Composers Tokutaka IidaThe Story Behind The Flashy Live Performance
New songs
"Shinkai Mystery: Live Tomorrow"and a passionate desire for Numazu

You can watch the radio with subtitles and interestingly.

Very nice "Uzunkyun" stickers are also being distributed free of charge!
Please come by all means.

2021年2月23日 : shinkaimystery
New song! ! "Shinkai Mystery: Live Tomorrow"(Written by Tokutaka Iida/Composed/Sung)

For those who are forced to have a hard time due to the corona nationwide, I made a new song "Shinkai Mystery Live Tomorrow" by likening that feeling to "Deep Sea Sea", with a strong desire to somehow survive this difficult time.
The interlude of the song also includes hand clapping and a wish to be a little better with you.

This song is newly played as background music at Numazu Mitsumi and Fresh Hall, and presented to everyone at the information counter.
2020November 14, 2010 : shinkikaiten
A new companion is born in The Fresh Hall

Seracant Cafe

Pancakes and parfaits are characteristic.

Hope you're begging

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Numazu port fresh hotel (with lyrics)